Be an #outfitrepeater- Exploring 5 Benefits of Using a Style Uniform

These five benefits of a style uniform will transform your daily routine and make you feel confident when you get dressed. 


Have you ever considered wearing the same thing every day? Today, I want to hone in on the amazing benefits that you get from using style uniforms in your wardrobe. If you aren’t sure what constitutes a style uniform, it’s the same basic outfit that you wear on repeat.

When I say outfit, I mean two or three pieces of clothing. This usually includes a top, bottom, and completer piece. If it’s just two pieces, we’re looking at a one-piece item like a dress or a jumpsuit plus that completer piece. With a style uniform, you’re creating this outfit and then duplicating it.

Not in the Steve Jobs way, where it’s the same black turtleneck and jeans every single day. You’re duplicating in a feminine way, which allows you to be creative and highlight the colors, prints, and patterns you love while still sticking to the same base outfit. 

This will simplify your life and closet and make getting dressed easy. Having said that, let’s look at the five amazing benefits that you get when you use this method in your wardrobe to create a capsule wardrobe.

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Benefits of a Style Uniform: Confident Style

The first thing that you get is a confident style. When you go through the process of creating a style uniform for your lifestyle you are saying no to 90% of the other options out there because you are sure of yourself. You are confident in who you are, in your personal style, your colors, the things that you love to wear, and what makes you happy.

You know what makes your life feel easy and simple and makes you feel beautiful which creates so much confidence in who you are, how you show up, and the image that you’re presenting to the world. It’s an amazing thing to have this much knowledge and the power to say yes to the things that work for you and say no to the huge amount of fashion trends, clothing pieces, and shiny object syndrome items that you see.

Let them go knowing that they may be beautiful and they may look amazing on other people, but you have chosen to be authentic in your style and do it in a way that makes your life so much easier. You get to own that and it helps you to be completely confident in how you show up every single day. 

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Benefits of a Style Uniform: Get Dressed Quickly

The second amazing benefit of a style uniform-based wardrobe is that this allows you to get dressed quickly. I spend two to three minutes every day choosing what I’m going to wear because everything I have is pretty similar. My style uniforms blend over on top of each other.

I wear a dress and a completer piece. If it’s cold, I add leggings but there’s not much to think about. Statistically speaking, the average woman spends about 17 minutes choosing her outfit every day, and that is such a waste of time, right? That doesn’t need to be you.

You need to use that time doing things that are important in your life, not choosing what you’re going to wear. To make this even faster for me, I typically choose my clothes the night before. In the morning when I get dressed, all I have to do is throw my clothes on, fix my head covering, put on my earrings, and do my face.

If I want to throw some shoes on I’m ready to go. I’m a busy mom of six, soon to be seven. I’m homeschooling and running a business. I don’t have 17 minutes a day to waste choosing clothes. I would rather spend two to three and get it done and know that I feel amazing in my clothes and they work for me.

That I look great and I’m going to be able to function in my daily life in a way that brings me joy and makes me look like the best version of myself.

Benefits of a Style Uniform: Save Money on Clothes

The third amazing benefit of style uniforms is that this saves you money on clothes. This goes back to that first tip about being confident in your style. Once you nail this down and you have a style uniform, you no longer feel tempted to buy a lot of the items that you see.

Trends don’t phase you because you can easily determine whether or not they’re going to work for you, and if it’s something you want to include in one of your seasonal purchases. I like to use the five-piece French Wardrobe method, where I buy five new items in the fall and in the spring.

This is how I keep my wardrobe fresh and updated while saving money by not spending a little bit here and a little bit there throughout the year. Instead, I’m making very intentional purchases, thinking this through for a few months before I shop. I am weighing the pros and cons of each item that I choose to buy. 

I’m buying better quality items and saving so much money in the long run. This is great for my wardrobe, wallet, and for my marriage too because my husband doesn’t like to spend a lot of money on clothes.

Benefits of a Style Uniform: Reduce Decision Fatigue

The fourth reason that having a style uniform benefits you is that it reduces decision fatigue not just in the morning, but also throughout your day. When I talk about decision fatigue, I’m talking about the concept that every decision you make reduces your ability to make more decisions later.

It also reduces your willpower and your self-control. Honestly, I don’t find this to be a problem in the mornings because I’m a morning person. Maybe if you’re an evening person, it’s hard. But for me, in the mornings I wake up and I’m fresh, ready to go, and have a lot of ideas.

I don’t want to use up some of the good decision-making that I have using 17 minutes of my day to choose my clothes for the day. Having a style uniform, a designated set of outfits that you gravitate to, and making sure that your wardrobe is filled with options for those uniforms, really does help you to make sure that the rest of your day is good.

Then you can have more self-control and more willpower for the things that you are struggling with instead of struggling with what you’re going to wear every morning.

Benefits of a Style Uniform: Wear What You Love EVERY Day

The final benefit of a style uniform is that you get to wear what you love every single day. Once upon a time, I tried this done-for-you capsule wardrobe guide. It had something like 60 items in there and they were all very different. It came with a book of 300 different outfits to try.

The reality was that out of those 300 outfits, there were only a handful that I wanted to wear. The rest of them just weren’t me. That’s what happens with fashion trends, and that’s what happens with style, especially when you copy things from Instagram or Pinterest.

You end up trying a bunch of new things all the time but don’t love any of them. Another statistic about wardrobes is that when it comes down to everything a woman has in her wardrobe, only 10% of it is stuff she actually wears. Why bother with the other 90%, with all these clothes that you don’t really love and that don’t make you look your best?

You should spend your time instead focusing each day on wearing what you love. If you love jeans, a v-neck tee, and a cardigan, wear it every day. Choose different colors and some different prints. Get four to six options for shirts, jeans, and cardigans, and wear them every day. And don’t apologize.

No one’s going to notice that you’re wearing the same thing every day. But you’ll notice that you feel happy and content and love what you’re wearing. That makes you want to show up and want to be the best version of yourself.

Final Thoughts on the Benefits of a Style Uniform

I’m super passionate about this topic. It’s how I teach building a capsule wardrobe in many of my courses based on the concept of a style uniform. It’s something that I grew up with actually. My grandfather was a successful businessman who wore the same clothes every day. It was so weird to me. I thought it was the strangest thing ever.

For a long time, I thought maybe he only had one set of clothes. I never thought about it too much, but I remember going into his closet one day and he had literally seven of the same shirt and seven of exact same pants. He did own one suit, but he wore the same clothes every single day.

I never got it until I was an adult. It’s been a foundational part of my journey and something that I unintentionally adopted many years ago. I didn’t give it a name until I started thinking about it for myself in the past few years as I built this business. I struggled with creating my own capsule wardrobe.

In the end, I went back to what I knew and that is that a style uniform is one great outfit that you really love and wear on repeat. Not like Steve Jobs, although if you want to do that, you totally can. There was a time in my life when I did do that. In grad school, I was super busy working full-time teaching scuba diving.

My classes were in the evenings and I needed something simple to keep up with my life on the weekends. So I had a uniform on the weekend of jeans and a black T-shirt. It was very Steve Jobs of me but I was doing so much and I didn’t have the mental capacity to make those big decisions.

When I look back at that time, I can also see that I had a pretty solid uniform for work and one for scuba diving as well. I had taken this concept and expanded it throughout my entire wardrobe to make my life so much easier. I have done the same thing in the past few years. I love this concept. It is so transformative.

It can do so much for you as a person and as a woman. It can set you free from so many things about fashion that society tells us and let you be the woman God intended you to be without all the trappings of fashion and trends, wasted money, and feeling blah in your outfits. 

I’ve been there and I just want to encourage you to wear what you love every day. Think about the concept of a style uniform and how it could change your life and change your mornings for the better. 

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Understanding the benefits of a style uniform will simplify your life and revolutionize your style.

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