Cute Modest Swimwear: 36 Options for 2024

Consider Modest Swimwear if you desire more coverage this summer and wear full coverage shorts, skirts, tops, and dresses.

It’s been a long couple years and finally things are fully back open and I’m sure you’re gearing up for a summer outside. Pool and beaches are calling for cool, refreshing fun.

Maybe it’s time to update your swim style because what you used to wear doesn’t reflect your style anymore.

If you’re looking to update your swim outfit to something more modest, then you’re in the right place! I’ve hunted down 36 options for modest swimwear that you can order today.

Enjoy your summer feeling covered and confident in cute modest swimwear.

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What is Modest Swimwear?

When it comes to modesty in general, each person has their own personal conviction about how to dress. For the purposes of modest swimwear, I’ll be considering items that cover from the shoulder to mid-thigh. 

Modest cute swimwear can be anything from a one piece swimsuit, to separates like shorts and a rash guard. It also encompasses full coverage items like leggings and swim dresses.

Modest swimwear has the added benefit of providing additional sun protection beyond sunscreen. 

Can Modest Swimwear be Cute?

It’s a misconception to think that modest swimwear must be frumpy and unattractive. Many of the options here are still fitted and flattering, while covering up your assets. 

Beyond being cute, modest swimwear also allows you to have fun without worrying about swim wardrobe malfunctions such as losing a top or bottoms creeping up.

Where to buy Modest Cute Swimwear?

The easiest stores to access modest swimwear include Land’s End, Calypsa (formerly ModLi), and Amazon. Don’t be put off by the prices below, these are full retail.

Land’s End and Calypsa run perpetual sales, so the price is likely much lower than what is shown here!

Etsy also offers lots of small, independent, custom orders for modest cute swimwear.

Modest Swim Shorts

When we think of swim shorts, the item that comes to mind most is board shorts. Initially developed for surf culture and usage, these shorts have transitioned to a great feminine option for coverage. 

land's end print swim shorts
Land’s End $70
Amazon Burgundy board shorts
Amazon $27
Amazon print board shorts
Amazon $22
lands end board shorts
Land’s End $65

Another option that works well are swim bike shorts. These are perfect to style under swim dresses, flowy tankini tops, and more. 

land end bike shorts
Land’s End $60
amazon swim shorts
Amazon $25

Modest Swim Leggings

Calf or full length leggings as a swim garment is a newer option in the modest swimwear world. These are a favorite of mine because I’m confident that nothing is going to be exposed, and my clothes are creeping into uncomfortable places. 

calypsa swim capri leggings
Calypsa $70
lands end capri leggings
Land’s End $65
calypsa swim leggings
Calypsa $75
amazon swim leggings
Amazon $26
lands end skirted leggings
Land’s End $70
calypsa skirted leggings
Calypsa $79

Modest Swim Skirts

Modest swim skirts come in several varieties. First up are a style similar to boardshorts with boyshorts underneath for coverage.

lands end swim skirt
Land’s End $75
lands end swim skirt
Land’s End $75

You can also buy flowy style swim skirts.

calypsa swim skirt
Calypsa $78
calypsa swim skirt with bike shorts
Calypsa $80

For maximum coverage, consider a swim skirt with longer leggings beneath.

calypsa skirted capri leggings
Calypsa $80
calypsa midi swim skirt
Calypsa $85

Modest Swim Tops

Modest cute swim tops include the rash guard style made popular by surf culture, just like the shorts above.

While once limited to brands associated with water sports, mainstream companies have recognized the desire for these for both coverage and sun protection, and these are fairly easy to find at most swim retailers.

The options include short sleeve to long sleeve, t-shirt length to tunic.

Land's End 3/4 rash guard
Land’s End $58
Calypsa Swim Top
Calypsa $60
Calypsa 3/4 Swim Top
Calypsa $78
Land's End Long Sleeve Rashguard
Land’s End $60
Amazon long sleeve rashguard
Amazon $31
Land's End Swim Tunic
Land’s End $83

Modest Swim Dresses

For the most modest conscious among you, modest swim dresses are the answer.

Don’t be deceived into thinking they must be frumpy, however, these have come a long way and are very cute.

From short sleeve tunic length all the way to long sleeve full coverage, these modest swim dresses are sure to keep you cool and comfortable all summer.

Calypsa Swim Tunic
Calypsa $76
Amazon 3/4 sleeve swim dress
Amazon $60
Calypsa Vintage Swim Dress
Calypsa $90
Kosher Casual Swim Dress
Amazon $49

These last 3 swim dresses offer a bit less coverage than initially mentioned, but provide coverage to the thigh in tank style tops.

Land's End Swim Dress
Land’s End $130
Amazon Swim Dress
Amazon $17
Amazon Swim Dress
Amazon $33

Modest Nursing Swimwear

This last section is for the breastfeeding mamas! If you’ve ever been at the pool or beach and had to self-consciously take out your entire breast to feed your baby, then these should make you happy!

I personally own the first version in the out of stock floral print, and wear it with capri leggings and a swim bra from Calypsa. I can run and have fun with my kids, feed the baby when needed, and not worry about my body at all.

Latched Mama Swim Tunic
Latched Mama $64
Calypsa Nursing Swim Top
Calypsa $100
Latched Mama Nursing Swim Tank
Latched Mama $56

What to Wear Underneath Modest Cute Swimwear

Calypsa Swim Bra
Calypsa $40
Amazon Swim Bra
Amazon $30

Finish Packing Your Swim Bag with These Favorites:

Top to bottom swim fashion starts with a great straw hat.

Amazon $21

I love these oversized sunnies. I bought them back when it was just black and brown, but they have so many colors now.

Amazon $15

Keep your feet comfy and beach ready with these uber comfortable flip flops from Clarks! Love the silver!

Clarks $35

An oversized beach towel is perfect in colorful summer stripes.

Amazon $26

Flamingos scream summer and dot this cute stripe bag to carry all your essentials.

Amazon $28

Kick back with a fabulous Christian authored book while you relax and soak up the rays!

Amazon $13

Final Thoughts on Modest Cute Swimwear

Water fun shouldn’t be curtailed because of immodest or revealing swimwear. You shouldn’t have to worry about an accidental exposure or wardrobe malfunction when enjoying summer outdoor activities.

Modest Cute Swimwear has come a long way over the last few years. The options now are wide ranging and come in colors and style to please any body.

So tell me in the comments, what is your favorite style of modest swimwear?

Ready to create your own cohesive color palette?

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Modest Cute Swimwear offers styles in shorts, skirts, tops, and dresses to keep you covered and cool this summer.

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