What Are My Best Colors?

If you’ve ever wondered, “What are my best colors?” then today’s post is for you!

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Have you ever worn a color that made you look awful?

This post is going to show you how to tell your best colors from your worst colors, discover what to look for and why you should even care plus up your confidence, even if you don’t know a thing about color analysis!

I hear it all the time! You’re unhappy with the state of your current wardrobe, and I get it, you walk in your closet, you look at your clothes and you feel like nothing goes together.

You don’t want to wear it.

You have nothing to wear. 

You don’t even know where to start.

So you think to yourself, “You know what, I’ll just buy some new clothes!”

Maybe you try buying new clothes each season thinking this will solve your problem, but then you just get right back into this cycle.

And yet, you’re still unhappy with your wardrobe, but buying new clothes each season isn’t the solution.

The solution is figuring out which colors are your best colors and which colors are your worst colors, so that you can focus on what makes you look fantastic.

So first thing, let’s talk a little bit about color analysis.

Color Analysis is the Answer

Color analysis is a process by which we analyze your skin, hair and eyes to find the colors that bring out your natural beauty. In color analysis we focus on three areas which are hue, value and chroma.

Hue is whether you’re warm or cool, specifically your skin.

Value is whether you are a light or dark and typically is an overall impression versus one particular feature.

Finally, chroma determines if you are soft or bright, or whether you have high or low contrast between your features. This method of color analysis typically results in 12 different seasons of colors.

How to Tell Your Worst Colors

Now, let’s dive into your worst color, so we can look forward to your best colors!

Your worst colors are those which are typically opposite your primary characteristics. For your primary characteristics we’re going to go right back to those three aspects of color theory, hue, value and chroma.

So I’ll use myself as an example. My hue is cool, my value is medium to dark and my chroma is bright.

Something like lavender is actually one of my worst colors in spite of the fact that I love it so much, because lavender is opposite those things which look best on me.

Lavender is light, lavender is soft, and even though it’s cool, it just really doesn’t do me any favors!

lavender worst color

What happens when you wear your worst colors?

Your worst colors will typically accentuate any imperfections on your face. They will accent any lines that you have, any blemishes on your face, and any unevenness in your skin tone.

Your worst colors will show all of these imperfections. You will also see extra shadows, especially around your eyes and mouth. The worst colors for your skin tone will either make you appear pasty or orange.

In addition to how it actually makes you look, let’s talk a little

bit about how it makes you feel.

For myself, personally, when I’m not wearing one of my best colors, I typically feel depressed.

I feel blah and frumpy, I feel really down. And even if the outfit fits well and it’s put together properly, it still makes me feel unlike my best self.

So look for these things to determine your worst colors.

two worst colors

You don’t want to wear those and they should be the first thing that you get rid of when your closet is stressing you out!

So let’s talk about your best colors now, my favorite part!

What Are My Best Colors?

Your best colors are going to mimic your natural features and your natural beauty.

Look at this, I’m actually wearing one of my best colors here, this turquoise color, and as you can see, it’s very congruent with my features.

It is a bright color which goes well with the contrast between my hair in my face. It’s a blue, so it brings out the blue in my eyes, and it’s not soft in any way. It’s not too dark, it’s not too light, it works just right with my coloring.

Your best colors are going to make your eyes seem brighter, they’re going to make them pop! As a bonus, if you choose colors that are found within your eyes, it will make them look even more stunning.

two best colors

It’s going to make your skin look as if you’re glowing and youthful and even create a natural contour/highlight effect.

Beyond how your best colors make you look, let’s talk about how they make you feel. I personally feel like a million bucks wearing my best colors, so much so that my entire wardrobe is comprised pretty much of the same set of three colors over and over again.

Your best colors make you feel confident and beautiful and they’re in alignment with who you are as a person and they bring out your best self in every area!

Final Thoughts on “What are My Best Colors?”

Color analysis is intended to help you identify your best colors and to feel confident and beautiful. It not only helps you to identify your best colors, but also your worst colors.

Your worst colors should definitely be avoided because they make you look and feel pretty bad.

Your best colors, however, accentuate your national beauty and make you feel amazing and on top of the world.

If you’re ready to take back control of your wardrobe, I invite you to explore color analysis.

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So I want to know what’s your best color? Or your worst color? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. “Your best colors, however, accentuate your national beauty”

    Unintentionally fun mistyping!

    I enjoyed your post. Usually color analysis is never explained in an uncluttered and comprehensible matter but you managed to accomplish just that. Sometimes I wonder if other people present it as complicated as some kind of sales strategy…

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