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Personality and Color Analysis

Personality has interesting correlations with your color season.

Although personality alone has no bearing on your color season and how your skin reacts to color, there are some really interesting correlations with behavioral characteristics. I am not the only style expert who holds to this theory, as several others create clothing methods based on personality.


Before we dig into some of the season attributes, we need to first explore some of the theories of personality that apply to this reasoning.

The History of Personality

The concept of the four temperaments dates back to greco-roman medicine pre-dating Christ. Based on the movement of certain fluids (humors) within the body, it was developed by Hippocrates more fully. Although this theory has long been devalued by western medicine, the concepts within form the basis for many more “modern” psychological constructs of personality theory.

personality and color analysis

Many of the popular construct of personality theory are loosely based in this model via the work of Carl Jung. The Myers-Briggs and Keirsey temperament borrow and expand upon the model of four.

For the purposes of this article we’re going to expand them all together to find some common personality traits attributed to each season.

Spring Personality

The Spring personality is the one named Sanguine in the four temperament model. The Spring personality can be characterized by the keyword excited! These people fun-loving, high energy, and a joy to be around. All the parts of their body exhibit these characteristics, from their jaunty walk to their voice which tends to pitch high when excited.


Spring personalities are true extroverts and love being the life of the party. They enjoy being the center of attention and don’t shy away from groups. They are often quite agreeable and optimistic.

As with any personality, there are negative characteristics to the Spring type. Most notably the Spring personality is indecisive and frequently struggles to complete projects or tasks once started. They are also a bit flighty, needing a lot of change and stimulation and they can be unpredictable.


Summer Personality

The Summer personality has the phlegmatic designation out of the four temperaments. The keyword for this person is calmSummers are typically those people who seem to be relaxed and have a lot of grace. Not in a broody intense way as we’ll see with the winters, but in a gentle way. They speak in quiet tones and tend to be great listeners. As such, they are natural diplomats, avoiding conflict.


Avoidance, however, transcends throughout many of the Summer personality traits. They avoid conflict and attention, but they also avoid dealing with unpleasant issues. They can be intensely strong-willed and stubborn, and are quite reluctant to change. This severity also extends to finances, as Summers are typically frugal.

Autumn Personality

The Autumn personality is a force to be reckoned with! These people are defined by the keyword focused. They are determined and typically successful at the things they endeavor to accomplish. They wake up in the morning ready to tackle the day. Their movements are confident, and their speech rings with authority.


They function in the world by requiring truth and facts, and in return they are honest and frank. Busy and enterprising, they are not the type to relax and laze around.

Their negative characteristics exacerbate these traits, and they can be blunt and hurt people’s feelings in their honesty, although they rarely mean to. They are stubborn and intractable and do not take well to criticism. Because of their determination, they can come off as dominating and overbearing.

Winter Personality

The Winter person is our melancholic, and the keyword for these people is intense. These people seem very dignified and elegant, and their voice may be melodic. They are quite poised and graceful, imagine the swan in relation to the ugly duckling.

Winter personalities are exceptionally introverted, and have a strong desire for privacy. They are very internal people, and quite loyal to those they have allowed in. They can be a calming influence, but they may often seem aloof.


The Winter personality is plagued by pessimism and worries frequently how others perceive them. The are overdramatic and self-centered and may be paralyzed by perfectionistic tendencies.

Blending the Seasons

No one is going to tick all the traits of one season alone, so we get blends in our behaviors and in our seasons. So let’s see how blending those together creates our twelve sub-seasons.

For Spring as the primary season, the secondary seasons would be winter, autumn, or summer. The Spring-Winter would be sanguine-melancholic and labeled a Clear Spring. The Spring-Autumn is a sanguine-choleric and labeled Warm Spring. The Spring-Summer blend is sanguine-phlegmatic and labeled a Light Spring.

The primary Summer seasons have secondary seasons of spring, autumn, and winter. The Summer-Spring is phlegmatic-sanguine and labeled Light Summer. Summer-Winter is phlegmatic-melancholic and we label them Cool Summer. The Summer-Autumn is phlegmatic-choleric and labeled Soft Summer.

The Autumn primary individuals have blends of spring, summer, and winter. The Autumn-Summer type is choleric-phlegmatic and labeled Soft Autumn. Autumn-Spring is choleric-sanguine and we label them Warm Autumn. The Autumn-Winter type is choleric-melancholic and they are labeled Deep Autumn.

Finally, the Winter personalities have secondary seasons of spring, summer, and autumn. A Winter-Autumn is melancholic-choleric and is labeled as Deep Winter. Winter-Summer is melancholic-phlegmatic and they are labeled Cool Winter. Last, but not least, the Winter-Spring is melancholic-sanguine and is labeled as Clear Winter.

Myers-Briggs Types by Season

Let’s explore another personality theory, the Myers-Briggs, and most people are pretty familiar with this one. If you don’t know your type you can go take an assessment at 16 Personalities.

Myers-Briggs types people on four dimensions and each have two options, so there’s the first dimension of introversion versus extraversion, the second dimension of sensing versus intuition, the third of feeling versus thinking, and the fourth of judgment versus perception.

It’s really interesting to see that the first of these, introversion versus extraversion, is pretty well-defined in our seasons. Summer and Winter are usually an introverted personality, and Spring Autumn are usually extroverted personalities.

The 16 Myers-Briggs types actually break down in the 4 seasons, and some color analysis theories do actually use 16 instead of 12, so consider a bonus in each one!


  • ESFP – Entertainer
  • ENFP – Campaigner
  • ENTP – Debater
  • ESFJ – Consul


  • INFP – Mediator
  • ISFP – Adventurer
  • INTP – Logician
  • ISFJ – Defender


  • ENTJ – Commander
  • ESTP – Entrepreneur
  • ENFJ – Protagonist
  • ESTJ – Executive


  • ISTJ – Logistician
  • ISTP – Virtuoso
  • INFJ – Advocate
  • INTJ – Architect

Final Thoughts on Personality

Personality is a really fun addition to color season, and I usually ask these questions at the beginning because it helps point me in a direction for analysis. We do tend to pick up some of these traits as we go through and it’s so interesting to see the correlations.

I have a minor in psychology and personality theory, and personality assessment is an interesting thing to me. I like to think about how people tick and how they think and how their mind works.

But I want to end with this nugget of wisdom. It is my experience that we never fit into personality assessments perfectly, because God made each of us uniquely beautiful. I went to a Christian women’s conference over a decade ago, and one of the speakers said something similar to these lines. She was giving a talk on personality as well, and I want to reiterate strongly that this is just a fun part and it can have some bearing on the beginning of analysis, but you ARE unique.

god made you unique

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personality and color analysis

Let me know in the comments! What personality type(s) are you? Do you think these correlate with your color season and best colors?

Personality is a fun addition to color analysis and has interesting correlations with behavioral traits.

6 thoughts on “Personality and Color Analysis”

  1. This is sooo interesting!! I am a cool summer, INFP and phlegmatic melancholic! So all three!
    One of my sisters is choleric phlegmatic and a soft autumn, but with a different Myers Briggs. My husband, however, is all over the place. He’s an INTP melancholic phlegmatic, but he’s I believe a true autumn. I wonder how the enneagram types line up with seasons!

  2. I really enjoyed this! I have been studying both color theory and personality to help understand myself, so it was interesting to see the two together. I am an INFP and am pretty sure I’m a summer (though I feel like I’m between summer and winter), so this seems spot on.

  3. I’m a phlegmatic INFP and a vibrant autumn. I really wanted it all to match up as I’m studying the correlation at the moment but it doesn’t for me.

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