8 Fabulous Ways to Accessorize a Maxi Dress

Choose these 8 options to accessorize a maxi dress for year round wear and enjoyment.

Maxi dresses are long, free-flowing, and wearable in any season. A great feature of maxi dresses is their versatility. You can wear these dresses to formal or casual events, depending on your style.

These dresses also work with all kinds of accessories, including jewelry, scarves, and belts, and you can elevate your look from casual to stylish through the right pairing for the right occasion.

Read on for fabulous ways to accessorize a maxi dress.

Accessorize a Maxi Dress with a Jacket or Scarf

Maxi dresses are all-season if you accessorize them correctly. You can add a denim jacket for rainy yet not-too-cold days to remain in style.

Whether white or black wash, layering with a denim jacket will give your favorite dress a new life. If the denim is too long, you can cut it off and wear it with the hem hanging for an even more stylish look.

A maxi dress also pairs well with a leather jacket for cooler months. Depending on your maxi dress fabric or style, pairing it with a leather jacket will achieve a casual vibe.

If you want a sophisticated look, accessorize with a blazer. A blazer will transform your look to a more stylish yet business-like chic. Any maxi dress pattern will work with a black blazer and be work-appropriate.

A light cardigan is also a perfect layer on your maxi dress, especially if you want to wear it to the office.

In addition to the above jackets, you can add a scarf during the fall season for a cozy look. A scarf during winter adds warmth, style, and comfort.

Accessorize a Maxi Dress with the Right Shoes

Shoes are an instant style boost to any outfit, hence the need to select the right piece for your dress. Maxi dresses are long and can be too formal for some occasions. Therefore, pair your dress with simple shoes for everyday wear.

Another option for choosing the right shoes for a maxi dress, you may consider open or closed-toe booties during the fall and winter, depending on the temperature. You can also wear knee-high or ankle boots for a longer silhouette that captures attention. Play around with leather and suede for a perfect classic look.

Maxi dresses also elongate your figure. You can add height and sleekness by wearing a pair of heels.

Simple heeled sandals will also work if your dress is too relaxed and casual to elevate your look. Besides improving your look, wearing heels with a maxi dress will save your dress from dragging if it is too long.

Bags Make Great Maxi Dress Accessories

Maxi dresses are an easy style choice, and the right handbag will give a perfect finish. Stick with minimal pieces for a workplace outfit and enhance your look with a chic bag for stylish casual wear.

If you want to look chic and summery, you can also try jute bags. These bags are long and shiny with soft vegetable fiber that you can spin into strong threads. Jute bags are available in different sizes and shapes, and their strength makes them a perfect fit for ladies who love carrying their world in their bags.

Accessorize a Maxi Dress with Jewelry

Your jewelry should balance your maxi dress. If wearing a floral maxi dress, go simple with jewelry to maintain your dress as the focal point. You can wear studs or dangle earrings for an everyday look or metallic pieces for added sophistication.

If wearing a low-neck dress, chose a piece of statement jewelry to camouflage your cleavage. Statement jewelry can also work with a statement dress as long as the details match the dress prints.

Wear Matching Sunglasses to Accessorize a Maxi Dress

Sunglasses compliment your personality and make you look stylish. For the best looks, match your glasses with your accessories and outfit.

Wearing stylish sunglasses matching your outfit’s color is ideal for maintaining a consistent look. If you wear a green dress, consider a wide range of green hues for your sunglasses.

Another way to wear your maxi dress is by matching them with the frame color of your stylish glasses. For a summer or beach appearance, you can wear a bright frame and ignore the color of the lens when matching your outfit.

A Chunky Belt is a Great Maxi Dress Accessory

Belts are a closet essential since they add flair, style, and personality to an outfit. The right belt will give a stylish and classic vibe.

Given their flowy design, a maxi dress will accentuate your body with minimal effort. Adding a chunky belt to your statement dress will add to this and flatter your figure.

A wide belt is perfect for camouflaging your waistline. Therefore, with many belt brands in the market, select one that flatters you, your dress, and your figure.

Accessorize a Maxi Dress with a Hat

Traditionally, sun hats were useful in covering the face and shoulders from the scorching effects of the sun. Today, these pieces are fashion accessories available in different patterns, colors, and materials.

Wearing a hat with your maxi dress makes it a perfect fall outfit. You can put on a neutral fall hat, depending on your dress style.

Use Headbands and Bandanas as Maxi Dress Accessories

A maxi dress with a bandana or headband is a perfect off-duty outfit. You can wear it to the beach or to keep your hair intact during summer.

A matching headband will elevate your summer look while keeping your hair away from your face. You can knot your hair up or leave half up depending on your preference.

If wearing a bandana with your maxi dress, tie it around your pony for a girlish look. You can also experiment with your bandana as a choker or necklace if you want to be low-key on jewelry.

Final Thoughts on how to Accessorize a Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are versatile pieces in your wardrobe that you can style in different ways to make a statement. Depending on the weather, you can go for jackets and scarves. Knowing how to pair your accessories, belts, shoes, and hats will elevate your dress for a stylish look. Therefore, feel free to experiment with the above suggestions depending on the season and occasion until you get what works for you.

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