All About Warm Autumn: Explore the 12 Seasons

Warm Autumn is warm and leans dark and shares characteristics with autumn and spring in the 12 season system of color analysis.

Are bright red maples and golden sunsets your favorite time of year? Do you love the orange of pumpkin spice, the red of a freshly picked apple, and the golden hay of a farm ride?

If you feel drawn to these colors and feel they accentuate your beauty, you might be a warm autumn!

The is a comprehensive guide to warm autumn in the 12 season system of color analysis. Keep reading to learn the physical characteristics, the best makeup, a beautiful color palette to wear, how to put together some outfits for each season, and how to create your own custom palette.

Warm Autumn Seasonal Color Guide


The 12 Seasons

In seasonal color analysis we look at the skin, eyes, and hair to find a common color family. The 6 main color components are warm, cool, deep, light, soft, and bright.

The autumn color family is warm and includes soft autumn, true/warm autumn, and deep autumn.

Today we’ll be exploring the warm beauty of true autumn.

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Warm, Leaning Dark

Warm Autumn is classified in the following ways: warm hue, leaning dark value, leaning muted chroma.

  • Warm hue
  • Leaning dark value
  • Leaning muted chroma
Warm autumn is overall warm, leaning dark and soft

Warm autumn is one of the pure seasons, and as such all the features are warm. It is distinguished from the other true warm season of spring in value and chroma, with warm autumn leaning both dark and muted.

The warmth of deep autumn has a glowing bright quality. Bronze and copper are elements of this autumn subtype.

The eyes will be brown or green, and often have a bright burst around the pupil. Hair of warm autumn will be dark red, auburn, or brown with gold or red highlights.

Warm Autumn Hair and Eye Examples

Situated between deep and soft autumn, true/warm autumn is dominated by overall warmth. Warm tones upon warm tones, different than true spring in darkness and softness.

Gold leaves colors
Pumpkin Colors
Changing Fall Colors
Day of the Dead Colors


To emphasize the features of warm autumn, makeup colors should be both warm and brightly rich as well.

Makeup options for the warm autumn woman

For the eyes, choose bright gold and brown neutrals. For accent colors, think olive green, forest green, deep teal, and cream.

For the cheeks, rich warm shades of coral, peach, and copper are wonderful against the rich skin of warm autumn.

On the lips, never wear nude! The neutral lip for a warm autumn woman will in actuality be more of a toffee color. Wearing a light color such as nude will clash with the warmth of the other features.

Warm autumn can also wear the darker shades of wine, raisin, and espresso. All these will offer a very bold option for lip color.

Avoid cool tones like pink or berry red lipstick, cool blue and green eyeshadows, and soft pink cheek colors.


Warm autumn is characterized by a warm and subdued richness in color. Deep toffee, brick red, fire engine orange, olive, cerulean, and plum are all colors that shine on a warm autumn woman.

Warm Autumn is Inspired by Nature

Here we see some different elements where warm autumn is naturally found. The 6 color rainbow depicts the truest, most neutral form of colors, but the warm autumn rainbow is much warmer and a bit shaded.

The brilliant gold and red of a fall scene gives the warmest options.

Pumpkin everything is the theme of fall, and provides burnt orange, tan, and marigold. Dia de las meurtos is symbolic in its rich colors of red, yellow, and pink, which can be worn as a coral.

Finally, a winding stretch of scenic highway during the changing seasons gives us natures beauty of green, red, and orange.

The Palette

Warm Autumn Color Palette

In creating a palette for warm autumn we start with neutrals, and work through the major color families.

Black and white are out for autumn with pecan and ivory taking their place. Midnight navy and dark olive work well as neutrals, as do medium tans.

Warm autumn can wear the most brilliant and rich shades of red and orange. In the pink family, coral will work, as will garnet.

Yellows and greens are also prominent in the warm autumn palette, ranging from mustard through sunshine, warm army and deep juniper.

Warm blues and purples accentuate the bolder colors as well.

There is usually a version of every color that can be worn by any season, but some may be more difficult to match and find. Warm pinks often become deep coral, some reds may be too cool, any blue without green is also too cool. Purples are best that lean towards red instead of blue.

There are some colors that warm autumn should always avoid. Black and white have been mentioned as they are too stark and high contrast for warm autumn. Pastels should always be avoided as they lack the shaded aspect of warm autumn’s features. Colors should be neither overly saturated or muted with gray to match the neutrality of warm autumn’s chroma.

Outfit Ideas

Here we see some outfits for warm autumn. I’ve included two outfits for each season, one with a dress and another with skirt separates.

Dress and skirt outfits for warm autumn

When putting together outfits, use bright colors in the palette with neutrals. All the neutrals can be used together to create an outfit.

Patterns can be bold and colorful. Mustard, bright coral, and dark teal are great statement colors.

Medium to dark wash denim is preferred over light wash. Leather should be in the brown family, like mocha or cognac. Yellow and rose gold are great metals for warm autumn.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still wear black?

Of COURSE you can still wear black. I personally believe that black is a staple in any wardrobe. Any season can wear black, but some may find it is overwhelming. As a warm autumn black is best kept to pieces worn on the lower half of the body. Black isn’t your BEST color, however, as you’ll find mocha, cognac and olive are more flattering. However, if you are building a capsule wardrobe around dresses, I highly recommend using black as a base simply because you’ll be able to find items easier.

I hate these colors, could my season be wrong?

Yes absolutely, it could be true. But I want to challenge you, what is it that you hate? Is it the neutrals that you don’t like? Perhaps you don’t like brown? Refer back to my statements above about wearing black. Is it one of the color families, yellow or orange perhaps? Don’t wear them! Just because a palette includes all these colors doesn’t mean you should wear them all. I dare you to look at your closet and see if you naturally gravitate to any of these colors. If the answer is no, and you still feel this is completely wrong, let me know! I can help!

Should I wear all of these colors?

Well, that depends on you and what you consider minimalism! If you like a lot of variety, then go for it! However, when building a small capsule, you’ll find that limiting your color options is the best idea. I recommend the following:

  • Black base
  • Dark neutral
  • Light neutral
  • Main color
  • 2-3 Accent colors

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Can I only wear these colors?

No way! You should wear what you love! If you want to wear lavender, then go for it! You may find, however, that learning your season affects how other colors make you feel. If you feel confident rocking a color, then it’s yours to own. But if you don’t, feel free to leave it to the seasons that wear it well. If you’re looking to expand your palette, you can also consider sister seasons.

The following are sister seasons for warm autumn:

Soft Autumn
Fall Forest colors
Deep Autumn

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about the lovely attributes of warm autumn. These individuals have so much warmth and brightness in their features, like a bronze goddess.

Are you a Warm Autumn? If so, say hello in the comments!

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  1. Hello! I am a warm or deep autumn. My mom told me years ago and it’s my favorite season! My birthday and anniversary are in October! I’m excited to try some more of the autumn colors!

      1. Thank you I finally know the exact season I am.The eye color and pattern confirmed the other results.

  2. I just love these colors! I have always expressed to others that my favorite colors are the fall leaves…and the colors in a sunset! Very fitting!

  3. Thanks for the wonderful musings! True autumn here 🙂 Is it possible to have a True Autumn chart of colors to wear all year; as you did with Soft and Deep? Thanks!!

      1. Hello there! I had the same question. Just checked and followed your pinterest and don’t see it yet, but I’m excited to see it in the future! Thank you so much for all your work! 🙂

  4. I would enjoy your thoughts on what happens when a True Autumn’s hair goes gray? Does one stay a True Autumn or move to a Soft Autumn?

    1. Hey Jan!

      It’s going to depend upon how much the contrast changes. I have seen a Deep Autumn stay deep through graying hair. In this case it probably depends on how much pigment is lost, whether you go to caramel or much lighter like flax. But an Autumn can always wear the full range if you want! Hope this helps!

  5. This is 100% me
    I am born in May (Autumn in my country) I love and much prefer the cooler/cold weather.
    My skin tone, hair and eye colour is all very warm. And I naturally gravitate to the matching colour palette for cloths and makeup.
    Spot on.

    I found your page when searching for eye colours and patterns and I recently grew more and more intrigued by my own eyes.
    Still haven’t found anything lose on the net

  6. I’m a warm to deep autumn?? My best colours seem to straddle them. Honey and Army have a special effect on me, but so do Copper and Sangria from your deep autumn page. Fire looks good too. Cream and ivory worn with brick or army-green tones in a sweater? Heaven. And … I look good in a few deep winter colours too like navy, brick and some teal/turquoise and even black and white. But I look awful in some other deep winter shades like purple or true dark green, and even my good winter shades mostly don’t have that super effect. So I’m afraid I am one of those that doesn’t fit perfectly, I’m warm to deep Autumn borrowing a touch of winter. With blue eyes and dark ash brown hair and Dutch olive skin.
    (My son fits perfectly into Soft Autumn, and my mother into Soft Summer, I’ve never seen such clear matches as those two.)

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