All About Warm Spring: Explore the 12 Seasons

Are ALL your features brilliantly warm? Are you drawn to true orange and yellow? Do you love the colors of a spring flowers?

If this sounds like you, you might be a Warm Spring!

The is a comprehensive guide to warm spring in the 12 season system of color analysis. Keep reading to learn the physical characteristics, the best makeup, a beautiful color palette to wear, wardrobe staples, and how to create your own custom palette.

Warm Spring Color Guide


The Seasons

In seasonal color analysis we look at the skin, eyes, and hair to find a common color family. The 6 main color components are warm, cool, deep, light, soft, and bright.

The spring color family is warm and includes clear spring, true/warm spring, and light spring.

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Today we’ll be exploring the brilliant beauty of warm spring.

Warm, Leaning Light

Warm Spring is classified in the following ways: warm hue, medium value, muted chroma.

  • Warm hue
  • Medium light value
  • Bright chroma

Warm spring is one of the pure seasons, and as such all the features are warm. It is distinguished from the other true warm season of autumn in value and chroma, with warm spring leaning both light and bright.

The skin is likely to be soft porcelain beige or creamy peach. The eyes will typically be amber, green, or blue, and quite brilliant.

Hair is the in the blonde color family, from light to medium/dark, and will likely have red and strawberry tones.Warm spring has warm hair, eyes, and skin.

The features exhibit a moderate degree of contrast along the medium value spectrum. All the features are quite bright, with the eyes and hair being noticeable against creamy skin.

Neon flowers colors.
Bold tulip colors.
Hot balloon colors.
Purple orchid colors.


To emphasize the features of warm spring, makeup colors should be both warm as well.

The best makeup for warm spring.

For the eyes, choose light neutrals such as cream, butter and bronze, darker colors like copper, redwood, and olive. Accent colors could be warm teal or purple.

For the cheeks, neutral warm shades of sand, coral, and copper are wonderful to bring out a peachy glow for warm spring.

Nude lips are a winner for warm spring, along with caramel and toffee. For a bold lip choose raisin, coral red, or cherry red.

Avoid cool tones like pink or berry red lipstick, cool blue and green eyeshadows, and soft pink cheek colors. Warm spring should also stay away from dark brown lip colors.


Warm autumn stands out for its bright warm primary colors. Think of the color of new flowers on the ground after the barrenness of winter. Since it’s in the warm color family, its heavy with reds, oranges, yellows, and greens.

Warm Spring wears the rainbow.

Here we see some different elements where warm spring is naturally found. The 6 color rainbow depicts the truest, most neutral form of colors, but the warm spring rainbow is warmer and clear.

The colorful daisies of spring with their neon colors depict the range of warm spring.

A field of tulips illustrate the primary colors, while a hot air balloon made to stand against the sky shows more of those colors of warm spring.

Bold purple and yellow flowers finish off the colors of warm spring.

The Palette

Warm Spring color palettel

In creating a palette for warm spring we start with neutrals, and work through the major color families.

Black and white are out for all spring types with brown and navy taking the place of black, and ivory functioning as white. Olive, nude, and camel are colored neutrals that will be staples in the warm spring wardrobe.

Warm and orange red and great bold tones, and warm spring looks great in oranges and many pinks. Yellows appear as butter, honey, and daffodil. Many greens can be worn along the medium to light spectrum. Blues with a bit of green are power colors for warm spring. Luxurious red-toned purples complete the palette.

There is usually a version of every color that can be worn by any season, but some may be more difficult to match and find. Many colors available may be too muted for the warm spring type, and finding primary type colors should be the goal.

There are some colors that warm spring should always avoid. Black and white have been mentioned as they are too stark for warm spring. Soft muted colors are not suitable for warm spring as they will clash with your features. Light, bright colors, especially lime and orange, are some of the best colors for warm spring.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still wear black?

Of COURSE you can still wear black. I personally believe that black is a staple in any wardrobe. Any season can wear black, but some may find it is overwhelming. Black is likely to be somewhat less harsh for warm spring than some other seasons. Black definitely isn’t your BEST color, and strong shades of brown will be most suitable. However, if you’re building a capsule wardrobe choosing black as a base may be easiest to find.

I hate these colors, could my season be wrong?

Yes absolutely, it could be true. But I want to challenge you, what is it that you hate? Is it the neutrals that you don’t like? Perhaps you don’t like brown? Refer back to my statements above about wearing black. Is it one of the color families, yellow or orange perhaps? Don’t wear them! Just because a palette includes all these colors doesn’t mean you should wear them all. I dare you to look at your closet and see if you naturally gravitate to any of these colors. If the answer is no, and you still feel this is completely wrong, let me know! I can help!

Should I wear all of these colors?

Well, that depends on you and what you consider minimalism! If you like a lot of variety, then go for it! However, when building a small capsule, you’ll find that limiting your color options is the best idea. I recommend the following:

  • Black base
  • Dark neutral
  • Light neutral
  • Main color
  • 2-3 Accent colors

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Can I only wear these colors?

No way! You should wear what you love! If you want to wear lavender, then go for it! You may find, however, that learning your season affects how other colors make you feel. If you feel confident rocking a color, then it’s yours to own. But if you don’t, feel free to leave it to the seasons that wear it well. If you’re looking to expand your palette, you can also consider sister seasons.

The following are sister seasons for warm spring:

Bold neon colors.
Clear Spring
Golden sunset colors.
Light Spring

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about the lovely attributes of warm spring. These individuals are truly beautiful in their soft gentle warmth. They can wear muted colors that are currently very trendy and look stunning.

Are you a Warm Spring? If so, say hello in the comments!

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  1. Hello!
    I had some colour analysises done years ago. At my very first IRL colour analysis I was called “warm spring”. Got my pallette only to find it not that good, wasn’t fond of the bright greens or the more light and dull Stone/pewter etc. Later I was called autumn in another IRL analysis, at that time my dyed hair was covered, unlike at the time when I was called “warm spring”. Felt ok with the warm colours but missed some of the lighter shades actually… People tend to see me as light and warm so recently I have been wondering if the first consultant could have been right even though she didn’t cover My hair… Still confused.

    1. Hey Victoria! So the first thing to note is there are different methods and schools when it comes to color analysis. Plus you have to consider that every analyst is going to have their own perception. We try to be as objective as possible and follow the color, but each analyst is as good as the analysis they’re doing that day. At least you know you are warm, which is half the battle! The hair is the least important feature in color analysis, so you might take a look at light spring if you like the light and warm colors!

  2. So i had a color analysis throigh internet and beem told i am autumn (no sub categories), said i am warm, soft and bright,now i wonder ifi am spring?

    1. Hey Karlie!! It’s unusual you were told soft and bright, since those two things are completely opposite! Soft is autumn, and bright is spring! You might want to explore whether the dark colors of autumn feel better than the light colors of spring.

      1. I am a warm spring. I have a straight body type and I’m petite with the majority of my body being above the crotch. I have found readin web sites and books incredibly helpful. As a blind person I understand what colors should look good but my frustration is finding stores which have my size, style and colors. I have recently moved from Florida to Oregon so I am updating and changing my wardrobe to better fit this climate. In addition I have retired and no longer want suits. I am beginning to turn to the casual dress so that I can dress up and dress down easily. I’m not fond of the shorter pants legs, and the like preferring more traditional styles which are classic but a little sporty. I love tactile details but nothing too garrish. How do I find the right stores with my style in the petite plus size?

        1. Hi Joy! Some of my favorite retailers that carry Petite Plus and fit your wants are Talbots and Land’s End. Both carry classic styles and typically have some that are more sporty as well. Hope this helps!

  3. I absolutely loved this content. I was color analysed last year and I was diagnosed as a Warm Spring and it makes perfect sense. This past Winter I needed a new overcoat and, being a guy, I would have gone out and made my life easy by purchasing the always handy and trusty black overcoat. Not this time: I walked in, found a golden brown (Sienna brown to be exact) overcoat, put it on and immediately a complete stranger looks at me and says ‘wow, only YOU can wear that color!’ I used to go shopping but now knowing my colours has made my shopping experience so much easier!

  4. How does turning light silver/gold as I age affect my colors. I used to say that I wore colors that stopped school buses. Oranges, lime green, Chinese red…. Now I wear taupe with gold jewelry and silver with amber. My eyes are blue with gold around the iris.

    1. Hey Kate, it really depends on your chroma to start and how it changes. If your hair stays high contrast then your colors will remain, if it becomes more muted you may have to slide into light spring a bit more.

  5. Hi Stacey! Love your website but I’m a little confused, couple of weeks ago I was told I’m warm spring, I’m hispanic with warm medium skin tone (neutral or golden undertones not olive), I have hazel eyes and my natural hair color is black… I was researching about it and I don’t think I can be a warm spring with those can I?

    1. Hi Tamara,
      I have learned not to discount any possibility when it comes to season. It would depend on what your analyst saw, their proficiency and bias. Spring is rather high contrast so if yours is there it’s certainly an option!

  6. Hi, I was considered a spring about 25 yrs ago. I have rosacea now so the skin on my face is always red. I have to cover it up with a yellow based concealer. My eyes r a dark gray, dark greenish with a little yellow. I wasn’t considered a WARM spring 25 yrs ago. My veins r more green. Do I still sound like a WARM spring, especially with my red rosacea face? Thanks

  7. Hi Stacey,
    Love your site!! I was recently typed as a Warm Spring and I am enjoying refreshing my wardrobe. My question is this: as fall comes on (I know it’s a ways off!), what colors would you suggest I focus on that fit the fall season? I know there are probably colors that better highlight autumn than others and I’ve always rnjoyed dressing for the seasons.:). Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer!

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