All About Light Summer: Explore the 12 Seasons

Light Summer is cool and light and shares characteristics with summer and spring in the 12 season system of color analysis.

Are your features very light for your ethnicity? Do you look best in the lightest shades of blue, pink, and purple? Are your drawn to pastel scenes in nature?

If this sounds like you, you might be a Light Summer!

The is a comprehensive guide to light summer in the 12 season system of color analysis. Keep reading to learn the physical characteristics, best makeup, a color palette, wardrobe staples for light summer, and how to create your own custom palette.


The 12 Seasons

In seasonal color analysis we look at the skin, eyes, and hair to find a common color family. The 6 main color components are warm, cool, deep, light, soft, and bright.

The summer color family is cool and includes light summer, cool/true summer, and soft summer.

Today we’ll be exploring the gentle beauty of light summer.

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Cool and Light

Light Summer is classified in the following ways: warm hue, medium value, muted chroma.

  • Cool hue
  • Light value
  • Neutral chroma
Light Summer is Cool and Light.

Light summer is similar to light spring, although summer needs cool tones. These individuals are very, very light compared to the rest of the population.

The skin is likely to be light ivory or cool beige. The eyes will typically be blue or green, and on the lighter end of the spectrum. A soft gray eye is also possible in light summer.

Hair is the in the blonde color family, from light platinum to dark blonde, and and will have no gold or red highlights. The hair may occassionally be light brown. Light summer has cool/light hair and eyes.

The features are overall similar in depth, with none of the features standing out above the rest. Light summer has an icy coolness to their features and stands out when framed by pastel shades.

Cherry Blossom Colors
Summer Pool Colors
Pink Sunset Colors
Purple Flowers Colors

Makeup for the Light Summer Woman

To emphasize the features of light summer, makeup colors should be both cool and light as well.

The best makeup for light summer.

For the eyes, choose light neutrals such as silvery white, icy pink, soft ivory, and dusky blue. Dark colors should be no deeper than medium gray. Accent colors could be blush, soft plum, or mauve.

For the cheeks, neutral cool shades of sand, soft pink, and rose are wonderful to gently accentuate the gentle features of light summer.

Nude lips are a winner for light summer, along with blush and cotton candy. A bold lip for such a light season would be mauve or rose, and deep bubblegum substitutes for red.

Avoid warm tones like brown or orange red lipstick, copper and yellow eyeshadows, and bronze cheek colors. Light summer should also stay away from dark makeup colors.


Light autumn is known by its light cool pastels. Think of sweet baby pink flowers and soft sunsets. Since it’s in the cool color family, its heavy with grays, pinks, purples, blues, and some greens.

Light Summer Wears the Rainbow

Here we see some different elements where light summer is naturally found. The 6 color rainbow depicts the truest, most neutral form of colors, but the light summer rainbow is cooler and light.

The famous pink of cherry blossoms against a light blue sky depict the base tones of light summer.

A pool party with clear water and floats show variation, while a beautiful purple sunset depicts the pastels of light summer.

White and purple flowers against a green and gray background illustrate some of the neutrals in the palette.

Light Summer Color Palette

Light Summer Palette

In creating a palette for light summer we start with neutrals, and work through the major color families.

Black and white are out for all summer types with soft navy and gray taking the place of black, and soft white instead of optic white. Light sage, soft blush, and silver are colored neutrals that will be staples in the light summer wardrobe.

Light red and ruby are perfect reds, and as a cool season there are no oranges, just shades of pink. Yellows are very light as banana and chiffon. Many greens can be worn along the light to medium spectrum. Summer seasons can typically wear any  shade of blue, so long as it isn’t too dark in this case. Pastel shades of purple round out the palette.

There is usually a version of every color that can be worn by any season, but some may be more difficult to match and find. Some pink and red may be too orange, any green without blue is also too warm. Purples are best that lean towards blue instead of red.

There are some colors that light summer should always avoid. Black and white have been mentioned as they are too stark and high contrast for light summer. Dark deep colors are not suitable for the light summer woman as they are overpowering. Cool pastels, specifically baby pink and blue are some of the best colors.

best and worst colors for light summer

Wardrobe Essentials for Light and Cool Coloring

No matter your style or personal aesthetic, there are a few items that every woman should have in their wardrobe.

The basics of any wardrobe should be neutrals, and you could certainly choose the same neutrals. Layering similar shades of the same color will create a rich luxe look.

For those that enjoy a more colorful look, the basics are still appropriate, but fun and funky accessories in the pink, blue, purple, and green families will add interest.

Frequently Asked Questions about Light Summer

Can I still wear black?

Of COURSE you can still wear black. I personally believe that black is a staple in any wardrobe. Any season can wear black, but some may find it is overwhelming. Black is likely to be much more harsh on light summer than some other seasons. Black definitely isn’t your BEST color, and lighter shades of gray will be most suitable. However, if you’re building a capsule wardrobe choosing black as a base may be easiest to find.

I hate these colors, could my season be wrong?

Yes absolutely, it could be true. But I want to challenge you, what is it that you hate? Is it the neutrals that you don’t like? Perhaps you don’t like pastels? Refer back to my statements above about wearing black. Is it one of the color families, pink or yellow perhaps? Don’t wear them! Just because a palette includes all these colors doesn’t mean you should wear them all. I dare you to look at your closet and see if you naturally gravitate to any of these colors. If the answer is no, and you still feel this is completely wrong, let me know! I can help!

Should I wear all of these colors?

Well, that depends on you and what you consider minimalism! If you like a lot of variety, then go for it! However, when building a small capsule, you’ll find that limiting your color options is the best idea. I recommend the following:

  • Black base
  • Dark neutral
  • Light neutral
  • Main color
  • 2-3 Accent colors
Light summer colors for the whole year

Can I only wear these colors?

No way! You should wear what you love! If you want to wear burgundy, then go for it! You may find, however, that learning your season affects how other colors make you feel. If you feel confident rocking a color, then it’s yours to own. But if you don’t, feel free to leave it to the seasons that wear it well. If you’re looking to expand your palette, you can also consider sister seasons.

The following are sister seasons for light summer:

Warm Yellow Sunset colors
Light Spring
Jellyfish Colors
Cool Summer

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Ready to create your own color palette based on your season?

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I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about the lovely attributes of light summer.  These individuals are truly beautiful in their cool icy appearance. They can wear the lightest pastel colors tat are currently very trending and look stunning.

Are you a Light Summer? If so, say hello in the comments!

Light Summer sits on the cusp of summer and spring and is cool and light.

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  1. Здравствуйте, я не могу определиться со своим цветотипом, я либо светлое лето, либо мягкое. Меня также определяли стилисты, их было достаточно много, но их варианты разделяются, кто то также считает, что я мягкое лето, а кто что я светлое лето. Не знаю как быть🤦🏼‍♀️

    1. I used google translate, so hope I got this 🙂 The difference between a light summer and a soft summer would be in the chroma. If you have low contrast and can wear a lot of grays then soft is more likely. But if you need clearer light colors I would think light summer would be the one.

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  3. I love all your information on the sister color groups. I am a Light Summer and found the color palettes I naturally cheat from are from the Cool Summer and Light Spring palette. After reading your information, I understand why.

  4. After trying to avoid it for a few weeks now, I have come to terms with the fact that I’m a light summer, and I’m upset about it! I cannot stand these colors, and I think they look like baby clothes. I want to wear teal and forest green and deep magenta. 75% of my wardrobe is black and my signature makeup is a deep berry red lip. I don’t know how to do this!

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