Create a Personal Uniform Using a 5 Step Proven Framework

Ready for a wardrobe transformation like no other? Learning to create a personal uniform will help simplify your wardrobe.


I’m just really excited to sit and dish about the Youniform Framework, which is my signature way of creating a capsule wardrobe. Today, I’m going to give you a recap of what the last six months have been like. About six months ago, I started rehauling my business a little bit. I got into a very deep creation zone trying to fill the learning gaps for people.

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A Gap Between Color Analysis and Color Seasons

When I started this business I started with color analysis and I realized that it was a powerful and transformative process. It was a great place to start but then it doesn’t always answer all of our style questions. It doesn’t help you solve your wardrobe problems because you still have questions and issues.

There’s so much more that goes into it so then I created the Radiant Woman Intensive a couple of years ago, and that was just so much information. I took every single thing I knew about style and creating a simple wardrobe and I put it into a three-month course.

It is very intense I noticed that there was a big gap between color analysis and getting your season right. And then I didn’t talk much about what happened after that. The next thing you could do was take this intense three-month course and just learn everything about color, style, body type, essence, Kibbe, and clothing construction.

We talk a lot about clothing construction in there and how to create an entire year-round wardrobe based on style uniforms. There was so much information, but there was so much in the middle missing.  For the first half of this year, I knew that so much was missing and I felt that space there needed to be filled for people.

There were new learning opportunities that existed but nothing came to me. It was just silence. I had nothing. Then in June, all the pieces began to connect and I finally started to feel forward momentum for myself and my business and what I wanted to create.

Introducing the Youniform Framework For Capsule Wardrobes

I want to share some more information with you about the next thing. It has been in the works for several months. It has been mapped out since August and took forever to create it. I want the things that I create for you, the courses, the programs, and the memberships to be comprehensive and helpful.

I want them to be accessible and to help you propel forward, to save you time, to save you energy, and to get you those big wins in your wardrobe and your self-image and in all of the places where you’re struggling with your style. The intensive is based on the Youniform Framework, which is my signature way of creating a capsule-based wardrobe based on style uniforms.

Repeating the same outfit essentially over and over again. It’s really simple basic stuff, think Steve Jobs, but for women. Pretty colors, pretty print styles, making it look great, giving you variety, making it not boring,  and making it feminine. This is what I’ve always taught in the intensive in a very long way as I expressed earlier.

I still love this framework and I wanted to simplify the way it was presented and the way people go about it and create more of a middle-range option for this. So, I created a new course called the Radiant Youniform System which goes into the concept in a much simpler way.

The intensive will still be there for those people who want to go deep and want to explore, and it’ll be changing into a year-long program next year.

For those who have done the intensive and recognize that three months felt like a crazy whirlwind, I heard your feedback, and I’m going to take a year with people who want to go deep, who want to build out their full year-round wardrobe for every piece of their life that is going to be there.

This new program is a much simpler version to get you going with one great outfit. But it’s not just that it’s a cool program. I’ve done some things in here that I’ve never really done before and I’ve tried to uplevel a lot of the things that I have shown and shared before. It’s all-new, but it’s still old.  I’ve had a great time over the past couple of months working on this and creating this. 


Using Color Harmony to Get the Most Out of Your Best Colors

As with everything I do, it starts with color. Color is a huge part of this course. It picks up from finding your color season or using your best colors through color harmony-based color and really takes it up a notch. In this program, I did not focus on seasonal color analysis.

I took a different tactic and focused on harmony-based analysis, which is finding your best colors based on those that are naturally found in your hair, skin, and eyes. It’s a great process I discovered it a couple of years ago but it’s not a replacement for seasonal color analysis.

One of the great things about it is that it’s really accessible. You don’t need to have all this complicated technical knowledge to figure out your best colors this way. But also, the great thing about it is that for people who have done seasonal color analysis, it takes what you know about your season and helps you to refine and clarify the colors that you want to wear because it takes the best of the best colors.

Then you can just pull those out from your overall color season and focus on those. There are several lessons in this course about finding your color harmony but I didn’t just stop there. I took some of these great concepts from seasonal color analysis like finding your personal attributes in the realm of hue and value and value in chroma.

I dug deep into those, and I taught those again in a new and fresh way that applies to color harmonies. On top of color harmony, this course is focused on finding your authentic beauty

Discovering Style Essences to Describe Your Authentic Style

The second thing in this course is talking about style essences. I know that essence is a really popular topic. Everybody loves to hear me talk about it when I do my style star sessions in the Facebook group, which is a free giveaway for very engaged people, I get a lot of questions about essence.

It’s such a powerful concept because your style essence is not just a way of describing your style, like some of the other things that we do. When we do style goals or style types, those are just typically words that we’re using to talk about our style. Your style essence though is how you are very specifically created and the natural vibe that you give off.

There are 7 different style essences and most people have a blend of two to three. When you learn to pull those essences into your styling, it makes you look like your truest, most authentic self. It frees you up to be the person that you were naturally created to be.

It helps you to find contentment and joy and happiness in the way that you look and the way that you present yourself, because you’re no longer trying to be something that you are just naturally not. You are fully in alignment with all of the beauty inside of you and on the outside of you. Also, bringing that together in your clothing is such a powerful transformative process. 

There is a very long signature style journal to help you maximize using your colors and your style essence. It will help you to dig in and find all of these amazing little nuggets of wisdom and these amazing little styling tweaks that you can do inside of your wardrobe to make it feel beautiful and authentic and completely you. 

We haven’t even started talking about building the wardrobe yet. That’s still more information that’s inside this course. 

The Secret to Creating a Style Uniform to Build Your Wardrobe

One of the things that I did with the Intensive when I first created it was talk about three different style uniforms.

That’s gone through some iterations. It’s something that when we’re in the intensive, a lot of people don’t quite make it to that point. It’s probably due to the time limits because everybody’s focused on creating that first style uniform, that one fantastic outfit takes a lot of our time and energy.

For this course, I stuck with that one concept because the truth is you really only need one great outfit. Some of us have pretty simple lives. We do the same things every day so we only need one core outfit. Other people have a little bit more complex lives. They’re going to more places and doing more things, and they will need more outfits.

But you still have to start with just one to understand the concepts that you need to put together a perfect outfit for your body, your style, your life, your colors, and your essence, all of these things. You have to start with one, you have to understand this concept really clearly and well on the one great outfit level.

So that’s what the rest of this course is all about, finding one fantastically beautiful outfit just right for you, that fits your body beautifully and all the colors that you love.

One that brings in your style essences, adding accessories, shoes, jewelry, and all these fun things to make it different and add variety while still creating so much simplicity and freedom in your closet that you no longer have to worry about what to wear or overthink what to wear, or waste your precious creativity, trying to come up with some outfit that no one has ever seen before.

You get to get dressed knowing that your clothes fit you perfectly, that you look fantastic, and you don’t have to waste any more energy all day long thinking about what you’re wearing. Of course, there’s information in there going into the 100-piece wardrobe to help you build this out over a full year in a smaller way. 

It’s just the focus on colors and essence and building one great, amazing style uniform. I always want to help you get further along on your transformation journey when it comes to image, style, how you view yourself, and how you present yourself to the world. There are some bonus courses on shopping and decluttering inside the course. 

Organize Your Style Information in a Personalized Handbook

We are doing something we have never done before, creating a style binder.  Like one of those meal planning binders, recipe binders, home management binders, those kinds of things where you just collect and collate all this information about a specific topic.

There are going to be some amazing templates and a special training on how to create this amazing personal handbook for your style. I know this is a lot. You may wonder why I’m talking about this whole thing. Honestly,  it’s really exciting! I have spent the last six months in a massive creation mode.

I created a low ticket $7 a-month membership for Christian women focusing on image and style. It’s got a ridiculous amount of content in there as well: workbooks, journals, planners, and all kinds of stuff from personal identity to starting a capsule wardrobe. It also has color in there. It’s so much information.

I show up once a month and answer questions, and it’s the chance to go deep and answer these things and share all of this knowledge inside of my head to help people find clarity on their style. That took me a couple of months and as soon as I finished that, I started working on the Youniform Framework. 

Get a Glimpse into This Amazing Framework for Simplifying Your Wardrobe into Your Ideal Capsule

It might seem overwhelming, but if you’re super interested in this concept of the Youniform Framework and you want to know more about it I strongly encourage you to please sign up for Capsule Wardrobe Workshop: Sailing Into Style. In it, I talk about capsule wardrobes and how they work together (and are different) from the Youniform Framework.

I explain how the Youniform Framework takes your desire for a capsule wardrobe and simplifies it into a method that you can do that doesn’t require you to scroll Pinterest and buy a bunch of clothes that may not work for you.

Frustrated trying to create the perfect capsule wardrobe? Let go of what everyone else’s capsule looks like and learn to build your own unique wardrobe with the Sailing Into Style Capsule Wardrobe Workshop.


Honestly, it completely changed my life and my wardrobe. It has affected so many areas other than just what I wear. My mind, my body, my life, and my heart are all free from worrying about how I look all the time because I just get dressed and I do it simply in clothes that I 100% love. I show up for the rest of my day. That’s what I want for you if that’s what you want for yourself. 

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Creating a personal uniform can transform your closet into an array of effortless ensembles.

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