Spring Fashion Trends 2021

Trend Report: Spring Fashion 2021

Who else is longing for light and airy clothes and colors of spring fashion? It’s been a crazy winter in part of the US, and many of us are ready to pack away our winter wardrobe and wear new styles for spring.

The spring/summer styles on the runways had several things going for them: continued love for comfort clothing, ways of elevating comfort, excessive 90s trends, and a few “what in the world” looks. 

I’ve included 24 total spring fashion trends, many of which are accessible for real women, and a few that I do not recommend. 

I want to add a quick note: as a modest Christian blogger, I do not support all of the clothing featured in the runway styles. Some of them are immodest but I wanted to showcase the item mentioned, and the fashion industry doesn’t concern itself much with modesty. In some cases there is a lot of skin. 

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Spring and Summer Fashion Trends for 2021



Big shoulders were all over the runways last year in these exaggerated styles. This is obviously not mom life friendly, but normal size puff sleeves are still going strong!


 Comfort is king this year with flowy maxi dresses. I love dresses so I’m very excited about this trend!
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I’m somewhat in love with the patchwork, like this look from Dolce and Gabbana. I love these bold hues like you find in the sari skirts, but it can also be found in denim.

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Millenials get your kleenex ready, because wide legs are taking over from the skinnies. There has been lots of chatter in my Facebook group lamenting this change. While it may seem stressful and overhwhelming, remember that once upon a time skinnies were the uncomfortable fad, and here we are!

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Finally a trend that a lot of normal women are excited about! Bermuda shorts are a great length for modesty and feeling comfortable with your legs mostly covered. These pair from Chanel feature a high waist for keeping the mom tum covered.

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I don’t know why I love this trend so much, but I do! Maybe it’s because I’m feeling a bit over kimonos and their extra flowiness. I’m definitely going to add a cape to my summer capsule!Embed from Getty Images


Skirts as an athleisure outfit are a great way to dress up the comfort we all got used to last year! I love a good casual skirt with sneakers and can’t wait to incorporate this look.

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Sticking with theme of elevated casual, adding sequins to low key clothing is popular this year. Louis Vuitton showed this look on a tee, but also consider shoes or accessories. I heart sequins forever!
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Mesh, woven, and raffia bags were trending on the runway, like this example from Fendi. If you want to show off the contents of your life, grab one of these for a fun summer look.
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I feel as though neutral wardrobes are becoming very popular and Chanel features it as a black and white. Personally some of the less obvious neutrals can be boring to me, but a stark contrast of black and white is an easy spring fashion trend to adapt! You probably already have these two colors waiting to be mixed together!
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It must be said: “Florals for spring? Groundbreaking!” And also this: these are definitely your grandmother’s florals. Having said that, this years floral trend is delicate flowy fabrics, both small and large scale prints, and soft gentle colors. 

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 I’m maybe more excited about platform sandals as a spring trend than I should be! It’s very possible that I might trip over my own feet, but these just look so fun and I can’t wait to incorporate them with my dresses!
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No matter whether it’s flats or heels, straps that wrap around the ankle were all over the spring runways. Add them to your spring/summer wardrobe for a style that will likely last more than one year.
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Pearls. Are. Back. But seriously, did they ever really got out of style? Time to break out those classics and wear them as a refreshing hot spring fashion trend. Chanel presented them with a statement look, but wear them any way you like!
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Large links are in style this year, and can be found in metals or colorful resins.
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 When I hear charm jewelry I immediately think of those clunky bracelets from my youth. And while you can definitely do that, think charms as necklaces, either layered or clustered as a pendant. Dior showed them as layered rings here.
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Oversized earrings that graze your shoulders are a hot trend. I love these bright florals from Dolce & Gabbana. As a mom of littles these are out of my comfort zone, but if you have somewhere fun to go on date night these might be just right for you!
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 Here we see the combination of several spring fashion trends, including silver, links, and crushed or distressed metals. 
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While you can certainly wear the puka shell beads of the early 21st century, this seasons iterations are colorful versions. For an extra boost, make your own with some beads and supplies from your local craft store.
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I like big earrings and I cannot lie! I love the oversized hoop earring trend. With a grabby baby I might have to put this one off, but it’s so lovely and fun.

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Wear if You Dare

There are four trends which I present to you, that I really can’t recommend haha! Some of these are actually shown above showcasing a separate trend. I give you bralettes, cutouts, mesh, and g-strings. All of them have one thing in common: your underwear is showing. These spring fashions may be the stuff of the runway, but perhaps best left to others. You decide! 

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So there it is. The Radiantly Dressed bi-annual trend report featuring spring fashion. If you’re feeling like the 90’s and 70’s had a child, you’re not far off.

Tell me your favorite and one you hate in the comments!

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